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Beauté concept


Our work :

  • Creation of a shared shop (low budget)
  • Shop that can handle a multitude of items while maintaining a certain speed
  • Facilitate the setting up and description of the different items
  • Management of delivery and click and collect
  • Creation of a custom CMS to facilitate all the encoding work
  • php/html/css3/jquery programming in order to offer an optimal visual comfort to visitors
  • Optimisation of texts and keywords to facilitate referencing in the various search engines
  • In order to optimize the referencing, creation of a dynamic sitemap script
  • Disadvantage: the appearance is the same for all shops, only the colours and the logo change
  • Ideal for a good start in online sales

The site :

If you are looking for a refined, intimate, relaxing beauty salon to enhance your beauty, then don't hesitate to come and visit me
Passionate, at the service of your well-being and listening, I will do everything possible to satisfy you
The Beauté Concept institute offers you treatments adapted to each one.





Beauté concept

We will create a shared online store with a limited budget, focusing on a pragmatic and efficient approach.

For the design, we will create an attractive visual appearance that fits the chosen online sales sector. We will ensure that the overall look of the store is appealing and professional, with a clear and intuitive layout to facilitate navigation for visitors.

Managing products in the store will be simplified to allow for easy and quick setup of products. We will implement a system for managing inventory, prices, descriptions, and images of the products to provide a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Delivery and in-store pickup management will be integrated into the store, allowing customers to choose their preferred mode of delivery at checkout. We will implement custom shipping options based on customer needs, with easy integration of external delivery services.

To facilitate store management, we will create a custom CMS tailored to the specific needs of the shared store. This CMS will allow the administrator to easily and intuitively manage orders, payments, inventory, prices, and promotions without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

We will use programming technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS3, and jQuery to develop the store, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth user experience.

To improve the online visibility of the store, we will optimize the texts and keywords to facilitate search engine optimization (SEO). We will also create a dynamic sitemap script to optimize the site's indexing by search engines and improve search results.

It's important to note that while the appearance of the store will be the same for all shared stores, we will implement customization options such as color and logo customization to give each store a unique visual identity.

In summary, the creation of a shared online store with a limited budget will be carried out pragmatically and efficiently, with a focus on easy management, technical performance, and online visibility to provide an optimal shopping experience for customers.

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