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Our work :

  • Creation of an attractive visual linked to the quality restaurant environment
  • Co-existence of 3 restaurants on one site with a coherent image
  • Display of menus and photos of dishes
  • Online booking via reservation module
  • Creation of a custom CMS to facilitate all the coding work
  • php/html/css3/jquery programming to offer optimal visual comfort to visitors
  • Optimisation of texts and keywords to facilitate referencing in the various search engines
  • In order to optimise referencing, creation of a dynamic sitemap script

The website :

THE BEST THAI RESTAURANTS IN BRUSSELS- For more than five years, Manola restaurants have been welcoming you in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. Come and discover the richness and flavours of Thai gastronomic dishes.

AT THE LEVEL OF THE FRAMEWORK - Manola's Brussels Thai restaurants serve you in a zen atmosphere and a decor that is both modern and traditional Thai, a refined cuisine with typical Thai dishes made from fresh products. Our chef selects the best Thai recipes to make you discover unique and ancestral flavours. Connoisseurs will recognize the authenticity of the flavours of the most renowned Thai dishes.





We will create an attractive visual design related to the world of high-quality dining.

Consistent visual branding will be maintained for the three restaurants on a single website.

Menus and photos of dishes will be displayed in an appealing manner to highlight the culinary offerings of the restaurants.

An online reservation module will be implemented to allow customers to easily book a table at any of the restaurants.

A custom CMS (Content Management System) will be developed to facilitate content and reservation management, as well as regular website updates.

We will utilize programming technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS3, and jQuery to provide an optimal visual experience to website visitors.

Texts and keywords on the website will be optimized to improve search engine visibility in different search engines and increase online presence for the restaurants.

We will also create a dynamic sitemap to ensure optimal indexing of the website by search engines, thereby improving search engine optimization.

Our goal is to create an attractive website for high-quality restaurants, with a user-friendly interface, optimized reservation management, and improved online visibility through text optimization, keyword optimization, and a dynamic sitemap.

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