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Our work :

  • Creation of a shop specialized in photography
  • Shop that can handle a multitude of items while maintaining a certain speed
  • Facilitate the setting up and description of the different items
  • Management of the wholesaler's flows to facilitate encoding
  • Management of the wholesaler's flows checking stocks and prices in real time
  • Creation of a custom CMS to facilitate all encoding work
  • php/html/css3/jquery programming to provide optimal visual comfort to visitors
  • Optimisation of texts and keywords to facilitate referencing in the various search engines
  • In order to optimise referencing, creation of a dynamic sitemap script

The site :

Boutique Soignies Photo : Specialist in photo, video, studio, lighting, binoculars and accessories.
Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Binoculars or all other brands
Soignies Photo has more than 3900 items referenced, 30 years of experience.
Photo equipment, binoculars, video, studio, lighting and all accessories online in the best conditions.
The power of a large group and the adapted service of a local shop.


Soignies photo



We understand the importance of creating an online store specialized in photography. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and fast e-commerce platform that can handle a large number of items while maintaining performance.

We simplify the setup and description of different items using a user-friendly and intuitive system. We also create a custom CMS that facilitates all encoding tasks, including managing the flows from the wholesaler to check stock and prices in real-time.

As experts in PHP, HTML, CSS3, and jQuery programming, we create websites that offer optimal visual comfort to visitors. We prioritize ergonomics, intuitive navigation, and a user-friendly interface to provide a pleasant and seamless user experience.

Optimizing texts and keywords is also central to our approach to facilitate search engine optimization in various search engines. We ensure that the content is well-structured, contains relevant keywords, and the tags are optimized to improve the online visibility of your store.

Finally, to ensure optimal search engine optimization, we create a dynamic sitemap script to facilitate the indexing of your website by search engines. This contributes to improving the visibility of your store in search results and optimizing rankings.

Contact us now to discuss your needs for developing an online store specialized in photography. We are here to offer you a tailored solution that meets your expectations and helps you stand out online.

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