Credential : Bench Marketing

  • Marketing agency

Bench Marketing

Marketing agency

Our work :

  • Creation of a visual adapted to the brand image of the event and communication agency
  • Creation of attractive films and photos to support the premium brand image
  • Typical presentation website
  • Creation of a custom CMS to facilitate all coding work
  • php/html/css3/jquery programming to offer optimal visual comfort to visitors
  • Optimisation of texts and keywords to facilitate referencing in the various search engines
  • In order to optimize the referencing, creation of a dynamic sitemap script
  • Disadvantage: the appearance is the same for all shops, only the colours and the logo change
  • Ideal for a good start in online sales

The site :

Bench Marketing is an agency specialized in the organization of events and teambuildings.




Creation of a website with a visual design that aligns with the branding of the event and communication agency, incorporating attractive photos and videos to reinforce the premium brand image.

The website will be designed in a typical manner to showcase the services of the agency, with a layout and design that reflect the premium brand identity.

We will create a custom CMS to facilitate the management and updates of the website content, including the management of photos, videos, texts, and other elements required for presenting the agency's services.

Programming will be done using technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS3, and jQuery to provide an optimal user experience in terms of visual comfort and website navigation.

Texts and keywords will be optimized to facilitate the website's visibility in various search engines, contributing to its online presence.

We will also create a dynamic sitemap script to optimize the indexing of the website by search engines and improve its ranking in search results.

It's important to note that while the appearance of the website will be the same for all users, we will integrate customization options such as the ability to customize colors and the logo to give each website a unique visual identity.

In summary, the creation of the website for the event and communication agency will involve aligning the visual design with the brand identity, adding attractive photos and videos, using a custom CMS for easy content management, applying search engine optimization, and providing an optimal user experience.

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